2015 City budget unveiled

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May 15, 2014 - 10:30:00 AM

The Marlow City Council and Marlow Municipal Authority got their first look at the 2015 budget Tuesday, at a combined meeting.
City administrator, Jason McPherson told councilmen and trustees of 2014 accomplishments, including a new city hall, and sidewalks.
“The library is nearly completed, and work on the substation started back up today,” McPherson said. “The police and fire station renovation has started. The police and dispatch have already moved over to where we used to be.”
“We spent a lot of money in 2014,” he said.
In 2015, the council will consider a splash pad at Redbud Park, two police cruisers, a digger truck, new pagers and “Jaws of Life” for the fire department, public-events funding, and employee raises.
“We’ve already got a $95,000 grant for the splash pad and we’ll need about another $100,000,” McPherson said.
Councilman Danny Glover asked how much Jaws of Life cost and how much they were used.
“They cost about $25,000,” McPherson said before adding, “They are not used often, but they are something we don’t want to be caught without.”
McPherson showed councilmen and trustees were city revenue comes from. Most revenue comes from two sources – 49 percent from sales tax and 3 percent from electric transfer.
“I like to compare it to sports,” McPherson said. “If the city was the University of Oklahoma, electric is our football team. It provides money for all the other sports.”
The general fund proposal budgets $2.2 million, while the MMA’s is over $7 million.
Of the $2.2 million general fund budget, police account for 28 percent, while general government represents 15. 1 percent.