Armed standoff ends peacefully

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By John Hruby
Feb 14, 2013 - 9:42:05 AM

SUITED UPWhat began shortly after 11 p.m. as a call to police for gunfire, culminated almost six hours later with dozens of law enforcement personnel swarming an 8th Street home and taking its sole occupant into custody.
The unidentified occupant began firing shots randomly inside his 309 N 8th Street home Friday.
Marlow police tried to get the man to come out of the home but, for hours, he resisted.
“Once we had the perimeter secured, we tried to talk to him for a bit. We tried to get him to respond. He didn’t.” said Marlow Police Chief, Jimmie Williams.
Since the home’s occupant refused to respond, Duncan police were contacted to have a team on standby or use their negotiators or use a “throw phone” to assist with communications.
“When the first round (bullet) came outside, I had dispatch contact the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Tactical Team,” said Williams. There was “increased danger to the community when the first round came out of the house.”
Williams estimated three rounds came out of the house striking a fence, grazing a police patrol car and hitting a porch. He also estimated 10 to 20 rounds had been fired inside the house. The occupant’s weapon was a single-shot handgun capable of firing both .410 shot shells and .45LC cartridges.
OHP’s Tactical Team Commander was in contact while en route to Marlow and requested Williams have an ambulance and fire personnel on standby at the scene.
OHP’s Tactical Team is comprised of members dispersed throughout the state who respond to manhunts, search & rescue operations, high-risk warrants, and hostage/barricaded subjects. More than 30 members of the team swarmed into Marlow in less than an hour and assembled in a parking lot adjacent to the Baptist Church’s Life Center.
“It is up to the Tac-Team Commander as to the number of personnel assembled. He has to assess information given to him and determine what resources need to be sent,” said OHP Capt. George Brown.
At 4:45 a.m., Tactical Team members advanced on the house, illuminated by lights from the team’s armored SUV-type vehicle. Once positioned immediately outside the front door, troopers called to the home’s occupant to surrender over a loudspeaker.
Seconds later, the occupant came to the door, complied with commands, was arrested and transported to Marlow’s jail. He was later transported to a medical facility for evaluation. He has not yet been released.
Marlow police have submitted charges to the county’s district attorney (DA), but it is up to the DA what the man will be charged with.
Williams said possible charges might include, “Discharging a firearm into a dwelling, Reckless conduct with a weapon, and/or Assault and Battery by means of a weapon.”
“We appreciate the cooperation of the community and area law enforcement – the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office had two deputies assisting, OHP troopers, and the Duncan Police Department with their negotiators.”
OHP has approximately 770 troopers throughout the state.