Board recognizes Greer’s service

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By Todd Brooks
Feb 7, 2013 - 8:49:45 AM

The Marlow School Board bid farewell to its longest-serving member on Monday night at its regular monthly meeting.
Robert Greer, who spent the 15 years on the board, will retire and not seek re-election.
Superintendent George Coffman presented Greer with a plaque and a cake commemorating his service to the district.
“He is the only member remaining on the board who knows why the board hired me in the first place 11 years ago,” Coffman joked.
Greer, who appeared to get a little emotional, kept his remarks about his retirement brief.
“The past 15 years have gone by quickly,” Greer said after acknowledging two people in the room who were there when he first started, treasurer D.B. Green and superintendent secretary Tammy Tanaka. “It’s been really good and I’ve enjoyed it.”
In district business, Coffman cautioned the board cuts were coming due to the passage of two state bills last year by voters. One lowered the maximum amount of property tax increases and the other discontinues taxes on intangible personal property.
“We’re not feeling it yet, but they are coming in the next few years, and there will be tough financial times and a decision will have to be made,” Coffman said. “Programs that have been around a long time may be discontinued.”
Other changes Coffman mentioned dealt with the A-F grading system the state now uses to grade schools and districts.
There have been several schools showing discontent with the current system. In their eyes it may get worse before it gets better.
“We were able to employ special testing for our special-needs kids, but from now on, the kids with disabilities will be taking the same tests as the rest of the school.
“One thing about it, though, Marlow is a great school with great people.”
The district is also continuing its work on common core curriculum.
“The purpose is so if one of our students transfers to New York City in the middle of the school year they should be able to pick up almost right where they left off,” Coffman said.
Coffman reported the Stephens County Basketball Tournament was a big success and said he was asked several times what happens to the money the tournament makes. Coffman said the tickets sold go into a pool divided between the schools. The amount per school is usually in the $1,200 to $1,400 range Coffman noted concession sales and any other promotions directly benefit the host school.
Marlow Elementary Principal Kim Kizarr was more than happy to tell the board about the new NEO word processor/computer for each grade.
The students are learning keyboarding at an early age and the NEO2 computers will be a help to them.
 “By the time they get to third grade, they will be expected to type a page-and-a-half essay,” Coffman added. “I don’t think we will have any books in five years, everything will be on computer.”
Marlow Middle School Ross Ridge in his report noted the seventh grade boy’s basketball team finished the season undefeated.
“No one came within 30 points of them,” Ridge said. He said the team will receive medals at the high school match play contest in Newcastle this weekend.
Kizarr also said the school’s fourth grade has been selected to take a nationwide test to be taken today (Thursday).
Marlow High School Principal Bryan Brantley told the board the school’s academic banquet is set for April 1 at 6:30 p.m. Marlow alumnus, Tyler Nunley of the University of Oklahoma recruiting office will be the speaker.
He said there is also a plan to present the seven seniors with 4.0 GPA’s, $250 scholarships.