City tables home variance

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By Todd Brooks
Nov 1, 2012 - 8:42:39 AM

Marlow resident Earl Bates will have to wait almost another month before he can find out if he can move a new home onto his property at 612 E. Main.
The Marlow City Council tabled a measure to consider a variance request from Bates for the purpose of removing the existing home and replacing it with another.
The question, which has yet to be settled, is what type of home it is - a pre-fabricated home or a mobile home.
Bates was present at the meeting and showed the council photos of his existing home he says has extensive damage due to the July hailstorm and the 32-foot by 56-foot home he wants to replace it with.
The resident said his home has extensive damage to the roof and walls and a problem with mold on the inside, which is making it almost uninhabitable.
Two weeks ago, the planning and zoning commission denied Bates’ request because they felt it did not meet the definition of a residential home, for which the property is zoned.
“The commission wants mobile homes to be in mobile home parks and other designated areas,” Marlow City Administrator Janice Cain said.
The council requested more information, including the results of a survey, and exactly where the house would sit on the property. They sent the matter back to the zoning commission.
“I’d like to get better pictures of the house to be moved in,” councilman Daniel Ross said.
Councilman Mickey Hoy questioned on what type of foundation the home would be set on.
“If it is set on a permanent foundation then it is no longer a mobile home,” Hoy said. “We want to help you out, but we have compliances that have to be met.”
In other matters the council:
  • Approved a resolution to call for an election for councilmen in wards one and four
  • Approved a measure to receive a refund check of $30,765.72 for the unused portion of the city’s 2009-10 Worker’s Compensation Loss Fund
  • Approved a lot split application from Greg Fourmentin at 110 S. Walnut
  • Approved street overlay projects for the following locations not to exceed $210,000:
  1. 8th Street: Main to Apache
  2. 7th Street_Main to Nabor
  3. Cheyenne: 9th to 8th
  4. Seminole: Railroad to Walnut
  5. 2nd Street: Alley to Memorial
  6. 1st Street: Main to Apach
  7. 8th Street: Apache to Nabor
  8. Apache: 4th to 7th
Approved an agreement with Gray Planning Services, LLC for planning consultant services.