Election 2012: McKinney reseated as sheriff

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By Todd Brooks
Nov 8, 2012 - 9:04:45 AM

Wayne McKinney easily won re-election Tuesday as Stephens County Sheriff, defeating challenger, Marlow Police Chief, Jimmy Williams.
With all 28 county precincts reporting, McKinney received a total of 11,758 votes (69.98 percent) to Williams’ 5,045 (30.02 percent).
Marlow precinct voting was closer at one polling place than the other. Precinct 32 (at Cumberland Presbyterian Church) had 496 votes (53.51 percent) for McKinney and 431 votes (46.49 percent) for Williams. Precinct 33 (at Church of the Nazerene) had 703 votes (61.88 percent) for McKinney at 433 (38.12 percent) for Williams.
“I think (the win) is very decisive the way voters spoke tonight,” McKinney said. “It’s very humbling when someone votes for you, especially the second time around. I mean this is my second term; we won by a big percentage, but I ran on my job performance, and we have done a good job since I became sheriff.
“We have a professional organization. We have cleared up violent crime 100 percent that has occurred in rural areas. We will continue to take that pro-active
approach. I’m not going to play politics with people. I’m not going to please everybody, but I’m going to do my job.
“Like I said, the people have spoken tonight. I thank all the people that stood in line hours to cast their vote, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart and
I won’t let them down.”
If McKinney had any doubt about the way things were going in the county, he had those erased.
“I feel very confident we’re on the right track,” McKinney said. “I take a very active part in our community. I’m out in the community, and I’m accessible to the voters. My door is open to anyone who wants to stop by and see me. I think we are headed in the right direction and we’re going to continue that over the next four years.”
The Central High precincts (49 and 51) went with McKinney by a wide margin as well. In Precinct 49, McKinney had a 124 –29 victory and in Precinct 51, McKinney had a 308-75 advantage.
Bray (Precinct 54) also went with McKinney by a 173-81 margin.

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