Hill resigning as mayor

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Feb 27, 2014 - 8:40:47 AM

Citing the inability to devote time needed to being Marlow’s mayor, Bob Hill said he would be resigning his city leader position. Hill made the announcement at a joint meeting of the Marlow City Council and Marlow Municipal Authority on Tuesday night.
“Our business has picked up and I have not been able to go to meetings like I should,” Hill said. “It’s a struggle just to make it to council meetings. It has become a strain on me to serve as mayor. I have told the city administrator that he needs to start searching for a mayor by the next meeting.”
Hill said he would support whomever, city administrator Jason McPherson, brought forward as his replacement, and he thanked the council members for their support.
“It’s been a pleasure to serve with you fellows,” Hill said. “There is a lot of diverse council on the board.”
“It was a tough decision,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed serving the city, and I’ve been involved with it for a long time.”
Hill was elected mayor in Feb. 2012 and has another year left on his term.
During Hill’s two-year tenure, the city tackled several building and infrastructure projects.
“It’s been a pleasure, especially with Jason coming up,” Hill said. “The things he accomplished are what we were looking for in a city manager.”
McPherson said according to the city charter, councilmen couldn’t be named mayor. Therefore, a candidate search will be conducted.
“There’s no preferential treatment for someone on the council to become mayor,” McPherson said. “It’s not a slide over position.”
Upon Hill’s resignation, the vice mayor takes over until a new mayor is appointed. Vice mayor Mickey Hoy is retiring from the council in May.
“It is very important for the person who takes this job to be able to make it to meetings,” McPherson said. “We do public hearings, but we also have budget meetings to work through the budget process. We have a lot of work to do through June.”
McPherson said the city had its highest annual expenditures in history, therefore, it is critical for the mayor and councilman to be present.
“We are coming off the sidewalks, library, and substation work,” McPherson said. “(New City Hall) just came off this budget. So coming off all of that with this next budget, we need to be fiscally aware of how to handle this for the next year. We’ve got a list of things we want to do this next year, and they are not all going to get done. We are going to have to make decisions, and these guys need to be involved with it.”
McPherson said sidewalk work on Main Street has been slowed because the diamond-shaped tree planters jut out into the street. The large milling machine has not been able to maneuver effectively and smaller machines have to be used, resulting in a delay.
The work for all city blocks was supposed to be completed by Wednesday, but only the first two blocks will be completed. The 300-block block of Main will be completed on March 3.
In other business, the council declared 14, self-contained breathing apparatuses surplus. The fire department requested four cylinders be donated to the Stephens County Drug Task Force and the other 10 be donated to the Bray Fire Department.
The council approved the donations.
Marlow police chief Jimmy Williams sought council acceptance of a $9,868 grant to outfit patrol cars with in-car camera systems. He told the council the grant monies would purchase four cameras for two cars without cameras and replace two older units.
The council unanimously approved the acceptance of the grant and then approved seeking bids for the camera systems.

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