MMA approves substation repairs

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By Todd Brooks
Jan 30, 2013 - 5:08:56 PM

The Marlow Municipal Authority approved substation repairs and, if all goes according to plan, there will be no power outage as repairs are made.
At a special meeting Tuesday, the authority agreed to purchase a new load tap charger (LTC) retrofit for the current transformer. The LTC has been the cause of the city’s power problems and it functions to keep power at a steady output as the demand varies.
The cost of the LTC is $34,350, but the city will also pay Southwest Electric $18,800 for labor to remove and install the LTC and $4,320 for transformer oil.
Trustees also approved the lease of a mobile substation from the Grand River Dam Authority. The 10-day lease will cost $43,000, but Cain said the work should be done in three days. Switching from the current transformer to the mobile one should not cause an outage according to Cain.
The mobile substation is expected to arrive on Monday and the city’s power should transition over to it by late afternoons so repairs can start on the existing transformer.
The municipal authority also approved the purchase of a transformer from Southwest Electric for future use in substation upgrades.
“This transformer will meet the need of the design process of the substation and it is a popular size transformer,” Cain said.
The rebuilt transformer costs $450,000 compared to more than $600,000 for a new one. The cost does not include transportation or labor to install the transformer.
Cain had urged the municipal authority to act quickly because the transformer deal was only available until Thursday.
“Ontario, Canada wanted it and they offered more money for it, but they are honoring the deal they made with us,” Cain said.
It was noted this is just the beginning of getting a new substation in the city and the total cost is expected to be approximately $2 million.