Stores pass compliance check

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By Todd Brooks
Nov 21, 2012 - 8:55:44 AM

The Wichita Mountains Prevention Network (WMPN), in cooperation with the Marlow Police Department, conducted alcohol compliance checks last Friday in the Marlow area.
Student youth volunteers (under the age of 21) assisted law enforcement as underage buyers. The buyers entered businesses and attempted to purchase alcohol.
Out of nine businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in Marlow, only one was not in compliance.
Checks were done at Gina’s Buzz Thru, Jake’s Bait Shop, Chisholm Corner, Marlow Food Market, The Tunnel, both Love’s stores, 81 Kwik Mart, and Shop & Bag.
One clerk was ticketed by the Marlow Police Department for selling alcohol to a minor and received a $249 citation.
“The last time we did this (October 2011), five out of the nine stores were not in compliance,” Kim Booker, WMPN regional prevention coordinator, said. “This was a huge improvement over the last time. Ideally, we want to have no one make a sale, but going from 55 percent compliance to 88 percent is a huge improvement. We are real proud of the community.”
 “I think the compliance check did real well,” Marlow Police Chief Jimmy Williams said. “We’ve gotten better every time we’ve had it since I’ve been here. People are more aware and the ones that are not paying attention.”