Waiting for ‘one of these days’ not for Greg

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By Kaye Collier
Oct 17, 2013 - 9:05:44 AM

Greg PerezThere’s a rapier-sharp mind behind those ebony eyes. And beneath that quiet, unassuming exterior lies a fire of determination that promises to propel Greg Perez into a future filled with success.
In a few months, the Bray-Doyle High School senior will leave the comfortable environs that have been home to him his entire life and step into a new world filled with mathematical computations, applications of physical laws, and pre-exam all-nighters.
Greg plans to become an engineer. He hasn’t settled on which of the discipline’s various fields he will ultimately go into, but surmises that it will probably be mechanical engineering.
With that in mind, he applied for admission into the pre-engineering academy at Red River Tech Center prior to his junior year and was accepted for the two-year program, which offers courses in higher math and science. Greg attends the academy the first half of the school day, and his home high school after lunch.
The academy’s daunting curriculum consists of upper-level science and math courses. For example, Greg is enrolled in AP physics this semester, and will tackle calculus in the spring. But—he is up to the challenge.
“It takes determination to achieve your goals for your future by leaving your friends and coming to a new school with new students at that time in a student’s life (last two years of high school) in order to obtain the skills you will need for those goals,” academy instructor Theresa Ensley noted last week.
“Greg has that determination,” she continued. “I have had the pleasure of having him in class while he attends Red River Technology Center. Greg is a hard worker, and his academics are very important to him.”
Ensley also pointed out that Greg is “a very respectful, outgoing and polite young man.”
“He not only takes academics seriously, but Greg is also very involved with his school activities and his community,” Ensley observed. “It is a major task to combine all this and still maintain a high grade point. He has done an excellent job and will be successful in college.
“I believe Greg will have a bright future.”
Teenage dynamo
Greg’s instructor is not the only one who has recognized his exceptional character and superior academic performance. He was recently honored by the Duncan Noon Lions Club as the tech center’s Student of the Month for September, and he was named Bray-Doyle’s Masonic Student of Today as a sophomore.
His community-service activities include serving as a volunteer firefighter for the Bray FD, assisting with the community’s food bank on occasion, lending a hand in making improvements at the school, and participating in a workday at Lakeside Baptist Church.
At Bray-Doyle High, Greg is in his third year as president of his class. Extracurricular activities include the Student Council, the National Honor Society, the Oklahoma Honor Society, FFA, and an organization called LTG, or Leadership Through God.
An all-round athlete, he plays center and outside linebacker in football, post on the basketball court, catcher and third base for the Donkeys’ baseball program, and shot put competitor in track.
Scholastically, Greg carries a 3.9 grade-point average and considers math his best subject (little surprise here!). Interestingly, however, English is right up there with math in the “favorite” subjects category.
Obviously, Greg’s grindstone is demanding, not only his nose, but his undivided attention, as well.
Nevertheless, into any life a little fun must fall. Now, Greg’s idea of “fun” may be different from that of most folks; but it will combine pleasure with learning, and that’s OK with him.
He plans to participate in the First Robotics program at the tech center in the spring. This exercise is not part of the academy; it is a non-credit activity open to teenage robotics enthusiasts.
Other pastimes include hunting and fishing, primarily with his best bud, Jesse Bearce, and hanging out with his friends.
Juan and Tammy Perez of Bray welcomed a third child into their family on November 7, 1995, in Duncan and named him Gregory Lynn.
Greg has two siblings, 24-year-old Johnny and 23-year-old Bettye. His dad is a welder for Cudd Pressure Control in Lindsay, and his mom is employed in the school cafeteria at Bray-Doyle. The family also has a small cow-calf operation.
Greg has attended Bray-Doyle schools throughout.
Like other high school seniors, he is on the threshold of a new phase in his life. He hopes to attend either Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford or Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He has been approved for an OHLAP scholarship and has applied for the Duncan Noon Lions Scholarship and another through his dad’s place of employment.
He will probably major in mechanical engineering; and as for marriage and a family, he responded with, “Someday, I guess. Not anytime soon.”
Greg is also serious about his Christian walk and is, in fact, entertaining thoughts of someday going into the youth ministry. He is an active member of Lakeside Baptist Church and its youth group, and occasionally teaches at youth meetings.
“It has been a great pleasure to watch Greg grow into the outstanding younr man that he is,” noted Pastor Lawrence Gresham of Lakeside Baptist.
“It’s always so encouraging to see someone who really wants to make a difference with their life,” he continued. “Greg isn’t waiting for ‘one of these days’; I see him trying to make a positive difference each and every day. Greg has a busy life, but he is always ready to help in the ministries of Lakeside Baptist Church.
“He is always willing to step forward for leadership opportunities, and he does a great job in leading Bible studies and devotions.”
Intelligence. Character. Commitment. Leadership qualities. With all this going for him, Greg Perez undoubtedly has a bright future before him.

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