Babblin' Brooks - Bowl match-ups not exciting

Posted in: Sports
By Todd Brooks
Dec 6, 2012 - 9:33:19 AM

Taking a glance at the college bowl game schedule is a little disappointing for a traditionalist such as myself. Tradition has its place though and admittedly, I am looking forward to having a playoff in 2014 because the current system is broken.
One disappointing aspect seeming to be getting steadily worse every year is the lack of bowl games on Jan. 1. There are a total of six on New Year’s Day. I remember when it used to be the greatest football day on the calendar. It seems like a distant memory now.
Back in my bachelor days my buddies and I would gather up some televisions, pile them on top of each other (flat screens were still years away) and have about five or six games going at the same time and settle in for an all-day long football-watching party (with plenty of snacks of course).
This season’s Jan. 1 bowl games include two games at 11 a.m. (Gator, Heart of Dallas), two at noon (Outback, Capital One), another one at 4 p.m. (Rose) and the last at 7:30 p.m. (Orange).
 That’s it. There is not even the excuse of it being a Sunday and the college games competing with the NFL since Jan. 1 is on a Tuesday.
Other than the BCS Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama, the only good match-up in BCS games is the Fiesta with Kansas State and Oregon.
I am sure I do not have to tell Oklahoma fans that either. Northern Illinois bumped the Sooners out of the BCS, moving Louisville to the Sugar Bowl and Northern Illinois to play Florida State in the Orange.
That is not exciting news for college football fans. The only interest there is Louisville head coach Charlie Strong used to be an assistant at Florida.
I will still watch as many bowl games as I can. It is impossible to catch all of them now days with so many different ones, but I will be watching on Jan. 1.
It just will not be the same.