Babblin' Brooks - Prayers for Boston

Posted in: Sports
By Todd Brooks
Apr 18, 2013 - 8:38:08 AM

It was a cowardly act.
The multiple bombings near the finish line Monday of the Boston Marathon killed at least three people – including an 8-year-old boy – and injured more than 100.
The people or organization behind this act of terrorism is not known, but it did not stop members of the media or others from speculating and pointing fingers without one iota of evidence.
Remember 9-11? Foolish question I know if you are old enough. Remember how the country for the most part came together and pushed aside personal political views and flew flags. It did not matter if one was a liberal or a conservative, Democrat or Republican. We took it personally. An attack like that was an attack against all of us.
Times have changed in the past 12 years. Instead of coming together, people try to politicize an event immediately.
Honestly, I do not care who did it. I do not care even if they happen to have some of the same political or religious views I have. Just because someone may be a Baptist does not mean they support Westboro Baptist Church. The same holds true in other areas.
This country is becoming more and more divided and not even an act as great as this seems to be bringing us together.
Living overseas and growing up in a military family, I learned to love this country. I still do.
I may not like some of my fellow citizens’ philosophies, but they are my countrymen and I believe as Americans we should take the oath like the President does when he is sworn in, “to protect the country against enemies both foreign and domestic.”
It does not matter who did it as long as the person or people who are responsible are caught. Justice needs to be served.