Babblin' Brooks - Super thoughts

Posted in: Sports
Feb 6, 2014 - 8:58:07 AM

Everything that has been said about Sunday’s Super Bowl has already been said, so I will not dwell too long on it.
It was quite an impressive performance by Seattle’s defense. Many people like to see an offensive shootout, but the Seahawks’ defense was just amazing to watch. Two weeks after Denver quarterback played one of his best career games, he was humbled at the Super Bowl.
I have several friends who are sportswriters on both Facebook and Twitter. Most writers who even work for competing newspapers are friendly toward each other because we tend to spend a lot of time together.
We also like to jokingly give each other a hard time if the occasion permits. Case in point when a sportswriter friend of mine posted his prediction for the Super Bowl hinged on the ability of Seattle’s defense to get to Peyton Manning.
“If they get to Peyton, Seattle wins. If they don’t, Denver wins.”
Well, that seemed quite a bit obvious to many people, since that is basically true in any football game. If you can continually harass the opposing quarterback, you have a very good chance of winning. It was no surprise then when someone shot back a mocking response:
“If Seattle scores more points than Denver, then the Seahawks will win.”
Districts tournament announcements
At some point today (Thursday), the district basketball sites and match-ups will be announced for Class 2A and above.
Bray-Doyle already knows where it is headed since Class A has already been announced.
The Donkeys and Lady Donkeys will travel to Fletcher where the host team and Sterling await.
The schedule has been released. The Lady Donkeys will play Fletcher at 6;30 p.m. on Feb. 14, followed by the boys game against Sterling at 8 p.m. The winners will play Feb. 15 at the same times against Sterling and Fletcher, respectively.