Babblin' Brooks - Tantalizingly close

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Oct 17, 2013 - 8:45:54 AM

Marlow sports teams keep getting close to bringing home state championships, but cannot quite get over the hump.
Last fall, both the boys and girls cross country teams finished second in the state. Earlier this spring, the baseball team advanced to the state tournament and lost in the semifinals.
Last week, the softball team made it all the way to the state tournament semifinals before coming up short.
The Outlaws are coming tantalizingly close to bring home a state championship, but have not quite been able to obtain the goal.
The year is not over and a gold trophy still has a shot to occupy space in the trophy case before it is all said and done.
The Marlow boys’ cross-country team is currently ranked No. 1 in the state heading into Saturday’s regional meet at Velma-Alma.
There may be a chance for an individual championship on the girls’ side with Rylee Rich, who is just a sophomore this year, but consistently finishes near or at the top in every race she runs.
Looking at Marlow’s future teams with the current and future athletes coming up, it may just be a matter of time before they bring one home.
Marlow finished 29-6 this season before bowing out in the state tournament.
Catching a glimpse of Marlow softball individual records will tell you how successful they were.
Kaytlyn Kizarr, Gigi Wall, and Abbey Warren all have their names on the list in different places.
Kizarr, a sophomore, finished with a .486 batting average, knocking Sydney Shannon, who had a .480 average, off the top spot.
Gigi Wall tied the record for the most home runs and posted the second lowest ERA and wins as a pitcher. Warren’s 12 doubles garnered her a spot on the list.
Coaches hate to look ahead, but it is fun for other people to speculate unless the scenarios get too confusing.
Marlow could go a long way in securing a spot in the state playoffs with a win over Tuttle this week, but it is not do or die. The Outlaws could win their final two games against Little Axe and Bridge Creek and barring any major upsets, could secure the final spot.
It would be a near impossibility for Central High not to make it. The Bronchos are playing for positioning this week and next in games against Fox and Alex. The Bronchos will be huge favorites in the final two games against Waurika and Cyril at home.
Always take speculation with cautious optimism because you never know what could happen. A key injury here or there can change the outlook for any team.

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