Babblin' Brooks - The search begins

Posted in: Sports
By Todd Brooks
Apr 10, 2013 - 5:24:22 PM

Marlow is losing two good head coaches even though one will still be in the district.
Wrestling coach Keith Kizarr’s resignation was accepted at the Marlow School Board meeting Monday night. Boys’ basketball coach John Garrett’s resignation will not be voted on until next month. Davis’ school board did not meet until the day after Marlow’s meeting this month.
Garrett is going to be the head boys basketball and golf coach at Davis, and from the sound of it, he was the one they wanted from the start. It is not uncommon to hear of a coach hired was either the second or third choice.
They were so sure they did not even bother to interview another applicant.
It is easy to understand. Do not be fooled by his overall losing record at Marlow. He has built a solid program, which looks to be in good shape for the next few years.
With only one senior starter, Jackson Huddleston, Garrett led his team to a 14-11 record in his third year.  
The next coach, who may even come from inside the school district’s ranks, will enjoy having five returning full or part-time starters.
From a reporter’s standpoint, Garrett is good to work with. He is one of those coaches always willing to talk whether he wins by 30 or lost by 30. He is positive, but also truthful in interviews. If his team does not play well, he says so, and puts blame on himself as well. He will also give his players credit without giving himself any.
Kizarr was slowly rebuilding the long tradition of Marlow wrestling. With the lack in numbers though, he almost always found himself on the short end of dual meets because of forfeits.
Wrestling is not for the half-hearted and Kizarr, a former Marlow wrestler himself, worked his wrestlers hard in practice to get them ready for meets. In order to be successful, hard work is not an option, especially in an individual sport like wrestling where there is no one to cover up your mistakes. It is no fun to be pinned in front of a gym full of fans. Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience.
The next coach will have to work on trying to steadily build up numbers and a “farm system” of younger wrestlers so they can be sold out on the sport. In a sport where there is a counter for every move and a counter for every counter, the need for experience cannot be understated.
Wrestling is not being able to think quickly because taking time to think will get you pinned. Quickness and speed can help, but it is more about reaction. When moves and counter moves become second nature, then a wrestler is on his way to being successful.
The Marlow School District has made some solid coaching choices the past few years. Now they get the task of trying to continue the streak.
I have heard rumors about a new boys’ basketball coach, but that is all they are - rumors. I am still not familiar enough with Oklahoma high school sports to try to make an educated guess who the next coaches might be or who might be interested. I once got berated in Arkansas by a superintendent and school board member for naming names of interested people for a coaching position by finding out information on my own.
Stay tuned.