Elements do not stop Marlow golfers

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By Todd Brooks
Apr 4, 2013 - 8:50:49 AM

Few things in golf are more important than technique. The turn of the wrist, the speed of the hips in the follow through, the movement of the head, or a myriad of other small details can make the difference in a ball going straight down the middle of the fairway or slicing into the woods. INDOOR FACILITY
Working on the intricacies of the game of golf whether it be driving off a tee, chipping onto the green, or making a long putt are best worked on year round.
Marlow golfers now can get a leg up on their competition because they can work on their game regardless of temperature or precipitation because they now have their own indoor golf facility.
The idea of having an indoor practice facility became a reality last April when work on the 1,200-square foot facility was completed after four months of construction.
“I knew some individuals who had some smaller facilities that we would practice at when the weather wouldn’t let us practice outside,” Marlow boys golf coach Stephen Thomas said.
Thomas set about raising the funds to build the facility, getting individual and business sponsors to help offset the $25,000 cost of the construction.
“We got a really good deal on the costs,” Thomas said. “The school paid for 10 percent of it and sponsors paid for the other 90 percent.”
GRIP AND RIPA large portion of the cost went toward the putting green, which was $8,000 and another $2,000 was spent on the nets used for driving.
The advantages are numerous.
“Most of our golfers do not play other sports so they can be in here working in football and basketball season,” Thomas said. “When it is 30 degrees outside we have somewhere to work where teams that do not have one of these can’t. It just gives us a leg up on the competition.”
There is no taking a month to shake the rust off of a layoff lasting several months.
“They were ready to go when the season started,” Thomas said. “They had already been working for several months and had their golf muscles ready. The only thing we had to adjust to was playing in the cold because we had been practicing in the heated facility.”
The Outlaw and Lady Outlaws have been able to finish near the top in every tournament they have participated in so far as a team.