MMS 7th grade caps perfect season

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By Todd Brooks
Feb 14, 2013 - 9:47:18 AM

UNDEFEATEDWhen the Marlow 7th grade boys’ basketball team stepped on the court this past season, the question was not if the Jr. Outlaws were going to win, but how much they were going to win by.
One game was fairly close, but otherwise 30-point wins were the norm in Marlow’s 20-0 undefeated season. Even the close game came with an asterisk.
“We pulled our starters out against Tuttle, but their coach didn’t pull his,” Marlow coach Keith Thomas said. “They got the lead down to three points, but we ended up winning 43-37.”
Only once did the top six players play all four quarters. Most of the time, they were done by halftime.
“I told them next year, it won’t be this easy,” Thomas said. “They were so confident in what we did. We have seven guys who could play. Most teams only have two and they put others around them. We could go 10 deep.
“Next year, teams will handle the press better, and they will be bigger and stronger.”
Thomas, though, recognizes he had a special team.
“If these kids keep working, the sky is the limit,” Thomas said. “Marlow basketball has a bright future.”
The Jr. Outlaws did not have a tremendous size advantage. Austin Gilley was the tallest player at 5-11. The shortest of the starters was 5-7.
“We weren’t real tall, but we had good length, meaning we had kids with some long arms, and we could run,” the coach said. “Our speed was our greatest advantage, and the kids had a good knowledge of basketball.”
There were no superstars on the team, just players working together to get the job done.
“They were so unselfish, they didn’t care who scored,” Thomas said. “They could see the floor as well as anyone at that age I’ve seen.”
The starters scored a total of 939 points, while surrendering a little more than 300 on the season.
“They distributed the ball very well,” Thomas said and cited his top four scorers totaled between 198 and 109 points for the season. “Everybody contributed and we were fairly equal.”
The team was honored this past weekend in Newcastle as part of the varsity Match Play. They were presented with medals for winning the district championship.
This school year has been a good one for Marlow 7th grade teams. The 7th grade football team also went undefeated in the fall.

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