Marlow holds scrimmage

Posted in: Sports
By Todd Brooks
Aug 22, 2013 - 8:54:09 AM

TOSS SWEEPMarlow’s annual Blue-White scrimmage gave players the opportunity to show coaches what they could do, and Marlow coach Rob Renshaw was somewhat pleased with what he saw.
“On the offensive line we were up too high,” Renshaw said. “That has to improve. We need to improve and get lower to get our pads underneath people. Our footwork on the offensive line was much better than our team camp.”
Renshaw thought the scrimmage was a good starting point for the team.
“There’s a lot to improve on, and a lot to be excited about,” the coach said. “We had a few mental mistakes, but all the mistakes we made are correctable, and those will be corrected. A lot of those come with reps in practice, and getting better from a fundamental standpoint.”
Renshaw observed some good things from his backs and receivers.
“We did okay,” he said. “We caught some deep balls. One thing that caused concern was we had the ball on the ground a couple of times and that can’t happen. I would like to see our backs run with a little more authority. We were pretty vanilla in what we were doing. I thought they ran hard, they just need to be a little more patient and let the holes develop.”
The offense is a little different than last year.
“We’re not running straight up the middle where we are going downhill,” Renshaw said. “It’s a zone play and when they see the crack or the opening they’ve got to hit it. Again, that’s something that just takes practice. It’s new to them and we’re going to get better.
“Overall, it was a good starting point. I think if anyone is ever completely pleased with their intra-squad scrimmage, something is probably wrong.”
One thing different from last year’s Blue-White scrimmage is the players were not separated into balanced squads, but the best players were put on the same side.
“We’ve got about eight guys competing on the offensive line for a spot and I wanted to see both the quarterbacks (Nick Yates and Braeden O’Dell) with a more experienced line,” Renshaw said. “I didn’t want to just divide them up and say this quarterback is with this group. I wanted to mix it up some.”
Marlow quarterbacks did quite a bit of read options, which is something they plan on doing more of this year compared to last.
“We’ve still got work to do, but that’s what practice is for,” Renshaw said. “I think all three quarterbacks (Yates, O’Dell, and Devin Crawford) can do it. We’re learning, they’re not going to be great a week into practice. Every day we are trying to get a little bit better. The key thing for us is not to take a step backwards.”
Marlow will hold a scrimmage this Friday against Pauls Valley. There will be a ninth grade scrimmage at 5 p.m., followed by a performance by the Bootleggers. The varsity game will start around 6 p.m.
Admission to the scrimmage is free, but the team is asking for donations of towels, liquid laundry soap and bottled water.
“We really appreciate all the folks who brought stuff to Saturday’s scrimmage,” Renshaw said.