Outlaws getting ready

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By Todd Brooks
Jul 10, 2014 - 9:08:08 AM

WORKING HARDFootball practice does not officially start until Aug. 11, but the Marlow Outlaws have been hard at work already to get ready or the upcoming season.
A few weeks ago, the Outlaws began summer workouts in the weight room. This month is seeing the coaches get together with quarterbacks, centers, and receivers to work on the passing game.
“Summer workouts have been going really good,” Marlow coach Rob Renshaw said. “We’ve asked a lot out of our guys, and they are doing a great job.
“There are two things you can control as a player – your attitude and your effort. The guys have had a great attitude, and they have been working their butts off. We’ve been really, really pleased.”
Around 30 to 35 high school players have been showing up at 6:30 a.m. for weight workouts, and about 30 7th and 8th graders come at 8:30 a.m.
“We’ve been really, really pleased with their work in the weight room,” Renshaw said.
“All of these guys have been with me for a while. This is their third summer with me, and so as lifting is concerned, we do not have to do as much teaching. Especially with the power clean. It is very technical, and the guys are three years in, so even the freshmen were learning it in 7th and 8th grade the last two summers. There’s always some fine-tuning, but the guys know what to expect in what we are doing. It’s fun to see how hard they are working.”
Coaches have seen the players steadily get stronger every year.
“In power cleans, the guys are getting better,” Renshaw said. “They are still not great, but they are so much better. I think in my first summer, there were maybe two or three guys with 300-pound squat maxes, and now I bet we have 18 guys squatting over 300. As a coach that is just fun to see. Their hard work is paying off, and they are seeing it. We’re getting better, and that’s what we want to see.”
The extra work has allowed the coaches to add a few new wrinkles to their game plan, including new formations, and new passing routes.
During the spring, the coaches installed a new defense featuring two safeties as opposed to just one like the past two seasons.
“We’re real happy the way the safeties have picked it up,” Renshaw said. “Up front, it’s not that different, but it’s the back end that is going to be different. We were very, very pleased, the way they picked it up.”
Marlow’s schedule has changed dramatically thanks to district realignment, which has then playing teams to the east instead of to the north.
“You think it is an easier district, but Lone Grove is 8-2, Plainview was in the semifinals, and Sulphur was a dogfight out here. We’re playing Bethany and we are still playing Blanchard.
“To get better, you’ve got to play good people,” Renshaw said. “I think we are, and I’m anxious to see where we stand. We don’t just want to get into the playoffs, we want to host a playoff game.”
Whether that happens is still to be seen.
“If you went out on the field and knew what was going to happen every time, it wouldn’t be any fun,” Renshaw said. “Hopefully, we will beat some teams we’re not supposed to. That’s what we need to do.
The Outlaws will open at Bethany on Sept. 7.