New Face at the Review

June 06, 2019

The Marlow Review welcomed Candace Hammond to the Publisher’s desk last week. Hammond replaces Judy Keller, who had come back from retirement to fill the position temporarily after several staffing changes.

“I am so excited to have Candace here,” said Keller. “I knew she would be such a perfect fit that I went to her directly and asked her if she would come to work for The Marlow Review. Candace is already a vibrant part of this community and is eager to use her talents to serve the city of Marlow.”

Hammond is originally from Elgin, Oklahoma and lived in Waco, Texas for several years before moving back to the area. She cites the friendly atmosphere and bustling downtown as two favorite features of Marlow. “I’ve fallen in love with this community and I’m so happy to be here,” said Hammond. “I love being in a community where I can go out to dinner with friends on a Friday night, then stroll down Main Street looking at shop windows and just visit with people without worrying about anything.”

The past two weeks have been busy for Keller and Hammond, who have been teaming up to ensure a smooth transition in the office. Hammond sees the Publisher position as a responsibility to the community and to the paper’s history, and has been working to absorb as much of Keller’s expertise as she can. “People look forward to the paper every week. It’s a connection we all have together. We take that responsibility seriously,” Hammond said.

Hammond also cites the team environment in the office as a plus. “Everyone knows their job and does it well, but we all have each other’s backs. Everyone’s willing to step up and do what needs to be done for the paper.”

Hammond graduated from Tarleton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Paralegal studies. She has two children, Zachary and Kaleigh. Zachary will graduate from Hardin Simmons University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Medicine, major in Athletics Science with a minor in Leadership. Kaleigh attends Oklahoma State University majoring in Health Science. She will graduate with a degree in Occupational Therapy and a minor in American Sign Language.

Hammond adds that she enjoys “laughing, music, podcasts, yoga, and lifting weights.”

“I’m proud to be a part of this community and look forward to being more involved, not only with my career with The Marlow Review but also being involved in community events and groups. Feel free to come by anytime; I would love to meet you all.”

The Marlow Review office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm and Friday 8:30am – noon. Visitors are welcome to stop in and meet the Review’s new Publisher at any time.