Chamber Chatter for July 11th - Debbe Ridley

by Debbe Ridley

Wow! Another a great, great Marlow parade, and what a huge crowd of spectators who turned out to watch! Congratulations to all the many, many Chamber volunteers for providing another memorable parade for the community.
It was truly July 4th “Chamber of Commerce weather!” We ask you - could it have been any better? Thank you to the City of Marlow Team and all the local organizations and volunteers for the definitely not-to-be-forgotten memory-makers for all who attended. The Marlow Fire Department and Volunteer Fire Department continue to amaze with the fabulous fireworks display wowing people all over Marlow.
There’s more to come in July! The 20th annual Second Chance Trades Days community wide garage sale is now front and center, and we’ve had lots of calls from folks planning to visit us again next week on July 19th and 20th.
Whether you’re an expert “recycler” or you’ve made up your mind to just clear out room for new stuff once and for all, plenty of advice is available out there to turn your trash into cash. “How To” tips, include these from Kim Danger, of

“Mark every item. You'll avoid a lot of questions and haggling this way. Groups of similar items like books or cd’s are an exception — it might be easier to just mark them 25 cents each rather than mark each one. Items such as this are also great to offer a deal: 25 cents each or 5 for $1. A general guideline is to price items at 1/4 or 1/5 of the retail price. However, this is a VERY general guideline. You may be able to get more on some items and much less on others.”

“Obviously new items will bring more (especially if the price tag is still on it!). You'll want to consider the demand for the item you're pricing. Clean and repair your toys. It is amazing how much more money a shiny toy will bring than a dull, dingy one. When pricing, use quarter-dollar increments. Making change will be much easier.”

She also tells us, “Arrange to have plenty of clothing racks and tables. People won't want to go through piles of junk. Hang clothing if at all possible. Not only will they be easier to view – their perceived value will be higher. Be sure to put away any items you DON'T want to sell, otherwise customers will ask about them. If you have a lot of things in your garage you don't want to move, consider putting up a curtain or tarp to hide them from view.”

“If you have a long driveway, make sure to use it. Put high-interest items on the side of your driveway – kids' toys, furniture, tools (so the men will want to stop!) – so they're easily visible from the road. As your sale gets picked over, be sure to re-arrange merchandise to fill holes.” Ms. Danger also says: “As a courtesy to your customers, don't allow early sales. I've been to many a sale at the time they SAID they would open, only to find they opened early and the item I wanted was already gone.”

‘Don't allow people to come inside your home. Some customers may ask to use the bathroom or try on clothes. Be prepared for this, and be ready to tell them no.”
And, as a final note, there’s a reminder from Kim Danger to remove your signs promptly.
For more information about Second Chance Trade Days community wide garage sale, contact the Chamber office at 580-658-2212.