Next street project about to begin

June 03, 2021

A street project that was not originally in the plans is about to get underway in Marlow. Contractors could start as early as next week, depending on cooperation of the weather.

In March, the Marlow City Council approved a contract with Schiralli Construction Corporation for the FY21 Asphalt Street Patching project in the amount of $196,367.69.

According to city officials, the project came out of savings from the previous project.

“The city council approved a long-range plan to complete what Marlow would consider large-scale road projects every other year,” said Jason McPherson, city administrator. “But the second project since the renewal of the 1-cent sales tax for capital projects came in well under budget, and the council wanted to take advantage of that.”

The second project was improving all 2.2 miles of roads in the Marlow Cemetery. It was a job that city officials projected to take over $300,000 to complete in fiscal year 2020. Instead, the awarded bid was under $134,000 and a corresponding grant kept the entire cost of the project under $90,000.

“The cemetery road project was awarded right as the country was shutting down,” McPherson recalled. “We got a great bid – two, actually – and had timed a grant to line up with that job that provided a good amount of savings.”

That left previously budgeted dollars to spend on road improvements.

“It wasn’t enough to pull off a big project where several blocks could be overlayed, but it did provide for small fixes in areas that wouldn’t be getting major projects,” McPherson said.

The FY21 Asphalt Street Patching project will repair over 20 separate issues throughout the city from utility cuts to potholes to problem intersections. Some streets are in good shape, but have faults that need repaired.

“When we started to plan this project, staff reviewed areas of complaints where city equipment isn’t available to make repairs,” McPherson said. “These are jobs that need to be contracted. Unfortunately, we can’t get to everything due to cost and future project planning, but this project will make a difference in the affected areas.”

Schiralli Construction Corporation was planning June 1 as the start date, but that date could be moved by weather. The expectation is a 60-day project to completion.

Patches that are part of the project

311 W. Nabor – potholes and cracking

Ninth and Main – bumps and beginning of a possible sinkhole

508 N. 4th – depression on outside edge

2nd and Gilkey – broken asphalt

408 N. 2nd – Utility cut

707 N. 2nd – Utility cut

2nd and Houston – Pothole

1st and Seminole to 104 W. Seminole – potholes and cracking

Chickasaw at Broadway – severe bumps at stop sign

9th and Caddo – South end of intersection

9th north of Cherokee intersection – pothole and uneven asphalt

Caddo and 4th – Utility cut

606 Seminole – Pothole

610 Seminole – Uneven asphalt

6th and Seminole – Uneven asphalt

107 S. 6th – pothole damage near bus lane

313 W. Choctaw – potholes

8th and Seminole – Underground drainage failure

405 W. Gilkey – utility cut

700 Block of Payne – potholes

306 S. 4th – rough asphalt and potholes