Outlaws Defeat Purcell

by Toni Hopper

In Tuesday’s home game against Purcell, the Outlaws came away with a victory, 59-39 and in spite of their efforts, the Lady Outlaws were defeated, 52-35.

“Our win last night was probably our biggest win of the season,” said Head Coach Kirk Harris. “We shot the ball extremely well and were very efficient offensively. Our

team defense and rebounding were the keys to beating Purcell.”

Top scorer for the game was Parker Boyles with 18 points. Individual scoring: Blayd Harris, 11, Kaden Harris, 6, Brenden Brooks, 10, Mason Holding 11, Parker Boyles, 18, and Hudson Morgan, 4.

Lady Outlaws’ Whitney Wade scored 12 points, Carson Lovett, 1, Kendall Kizarr, 2, Erin Doughty, 6, Allye Haile, 5, Kently Davis, 9 points. Wade also just recently achieved a career crossing of 900 points after Friday’s game at Kingston and Payne achieved his new career

high that night also.

Editor’s Note: I apologize to my reader’s this week for the scant coverage in sports. I

came down with the flu Saturday night and your dedication to our Outlaws is exceptional. I will hopefully rebound in time for the Stephens County Tournament. I always

welcome your photos and contributions to our hometown newspaper.

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