Player attacked at Bray-Doyle game

by Todd Brooks

CLARIFICATION TO A PREVIOUS ARTICLE: only Bray-Doyle staff escorted players to the locker room following the game, not staff and sheriff deputies.

An on-field incident at a local high school football game between Bray-Doyle and visiting Strother led to Stephens County deputies and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers being called to help restore order last Friday night.

According to Bray-Doyle superintendent David Eads, a video from the game shows a couple of Strother players pushing a Bray-Doyle player eight yards to the sideline and then additional five yards past the sideline before throwing him down on the ground. Eads said the video shows a Strother player punching the Bray-Doyle player who was then joined by two more Strother players before the Strother bench cleared to go to the Bray-Doyle sideline except for one player.

Somewhere from seven to nine Strother players were ejected as was the one Bray-Doyle player who game officials said retaliated.
Eads, however, said the video clearly shows the Bray-Doyle player never threw a punch and just covered himself during the attack. Because they believe the Bray-Doyle player never threw a punch, the district has appealed the player’s ejection and subsequent suspension. An ejection from a game constitutes a two-game suspension in OSSAA rules.

Eads was not at the game initially due to an illness was called by the principal when the incident occurred and arrived shortly afterward.

The superintendent said he could not name players involved because they were minors and that there are assault charges pending against the Strother player who threw the first punch.

After the incident, coaches and referees conferred and agreed to end the game in the third quarter with Strother ahead, 48-16. It has not been confirmed whether it would be considered a forfeit and therefore a win in Bray-Doyle's favor. Currently, the OSSAA website lists the game as a win for Strother.

Eads said a video copy of the incident was sent to the OSSAA.

Eads said the Strother left but was stopped by OHP and asked to return to Bray. Eads said the bus was not taken back to school property, but the convenience store across from the school. Once back in Bray, troopers interviewed different people but he was unsure exactly who they interviewed since it was not on school property.

While no fans were on the field during the incident, Eads said there was a lot of yelling after the game was called. He said staff escorted players back to the locker room.

There have been rumors of vandalism committed by the visiting team and fans but Eads said he was not aware of any.

He also said as of yet he has not seen an official police report of the incident.

Bray-Doyle opens district play this week at home against rival Central High in a battle for the "Stephens County Cup."