Central High updates security with grants

January 03, 2019

Parents with students in the Central High Public School district should feel just a little more secure as they send their children back to school in January.

Thanks to a one-time allocation of Title IV money from the State Department of Oklahoma entitled “Safe Schools”, the school is receiving $15,000 that can be used for security upgrades and additions to the district.

The school district is installing nearly 20 cameras throughout the district that will be installed both inside and outside the buildings. The upgraded security features are designed to keep students, teachers, parents, and guests safe while they are on campus.

Cameras will provide an added layer of security to safety policies and procedures already in place. These new security upgrades are designed to reduce outside threats, lower the number of instances of bullying inside the school, as well as protect students transferring from building to building both inside and outside of school hours.

“The use of these funds to purchase these cameras for our district is a much-welcomed relief. With our campus being so wide open, we are always looking for ways to enhance security for our students and staff,” said Bennie Newton, Superintendent for Central High Public Schools.

The fully digital system will be accessible 24-hours a day, 365 days a year by all school administrators. Central High Public Schools realized that the potential for danger was not going away anytime soon and the safety and security of students and staff was the highest priority.