Service Line Letters to Go Out This Week

May 01, 2019

Service line program mailings will be sent out soon, according to the city. The Service Line Program is a partnership between Utility Service Partners – a HomeServe Company – and the City of Marlow.

The program offers insurance to citizens for external water lines, external sewer lines and internal drains and pipes. This is a voluntary program and no purchase is required.

“We have heard from a few citizens that wanted clarification on the requirement of this program,” said city administrator Jason McPherson. “The city wants to assure all citizens that this is a voluntary program. Purchase of any product is not required.”

The insurance protects against potentially large costs if a water line or sewer line requires repair on the citizen’s side of the meter. The program offers a 24-hour toll-free number for such incidents, which the city saw as a potential advantage for the citizens.

“It was something that the council and staff saw as an added value for citizens if they choose to purchase the product,” McPherson said. “Per the agreement, the company gets to use the city’s logo for letters and envelopes.”

Mailings are expected this week with follow-up letters around May 15. 

“Again, no one is required to purchase any product,” McPherson said.

According to McPherson, there were over 100 residents that have purchased policies through the program.

“We have had some good feedback on the value of the products,” McPherson said. “Some folks have had claims and have been pleased.

“This was a program that existed before the city partnered with Utility Service Partners,” he added. “Previously, they would send out letters without our knowledge and we would be flooded with phone calls. Now, we have a better handle on when the letters are sent.”