Stephens County Tournament - Round 1 - Bray-Doyle Boys vs Velma-Alma

January 22, 2020

The eighth-seeded Donkeys met the top-seeded Comets Tuesday night and parted ways after four quarters to continue in different brackets. Velma-Alma will go up against Davis at Thursday’s 5:20pm game and Bray-Doyle will meet Waurika in the consolation bracket at 5:20 on Friday.


Velma-Alma: Austin Hunt, 20; Morgan Cox, 12; Tyler Stewart, 12; Clay Wright, 8; Dakota Lynn, 7; Jace Saville, 7; Shane Dyer, 5; Jackson Henson, 5; Cason Nix, 4; Cooper Keck, 3; Tristan Wainscott, 2

Bray-Doyle: Adien Shackelford, 8; Tyler Anderson, 7; Marshall Loveday, 6; Evan Hines, 3; Brian Wiles, 2; Josh Kilbourn, 2; Ethan Bandy, 2

Photos by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard and Harper Pitts