Electric Utility Phone Survey Underway

November 24, 2020

A phone survey on behalf of the City of Marlow electric utility is underway.

“Every two years, Marlow is in a group of cities that gather customer’s thoughts on how the electric utility is doing,” said city administrator Jason McPherson.

Customers in the city of Marlow may receive a call from Great Blue Research with the number (860) 430-5379 listed in the state of Connecticut.

The phone survey is designed to benchmark and improve local utility service. It was scheduled to begin Tuesday, Nov. 24. and will continue until sufficient respondent levels have been reached.

“Great Blue Research provides the information from survey and we use that to find out where we need to improve,” said McPherson. “We appreciate and use the information whether it is complimentary or constructive. What we learn is used in everything from customer service to future project planning.”

Marlow has been a public power provider, or municipally-owned electric utility, since 1910. The revenues collected from the electric utility are used in a number of ways that benefit the customer including reinvestment in the infrastructure of the electric system, system upgrades, transfers to help fund law enforcement, fire protection and other infrastructure in the city including streets and parks.