Bootleggers Kick into Gear On and Off Sidelines

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard
Photo by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard/The Marlow Review Photo by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard/The Marlow Review

Editor’s Note: This content is part of The Review’s special section commemorating the Outlaws’ historic 2021 season and the Class 2A state championship win. The special section was included with the December 16 edition.

According to Marlow Bootleggers Kailey Griggs and Karlee Harrison, dancing at Marlow High School football games and being a part of encouraging the team has been a highlight of their school year. They’re looking forward to their own State competition this weekend, but their first priority was helping the Outlaws to victory against Washington.

“We’re so thrilled that the Outlaws got the gold ball,” Harrison said.

Beyond dancing on the sidelines and on the field is just part of the Bootleggers’ job, though. The group also makes goody bags and posters for the team every week.

“They know their first job is to bring school spirit,” said coach Leesha Crowson. “Bringing spirit on the sidelines, doing posters, that all comes first. Our team and our community come first and our competition comes last…they focus on our team and our school, and then they focus on our competition.”

Griggs and Harrison said that they love engaging with the fans, Blue Crew, and band during games.

“We always have good energy with the fans,” Griggs said. “Even when we’re not doing as well on the field, we encourage them to get involved with us, doing callbacks with the cheerleaders or dancing with the band. They see us getting excited and they get excited.”

The dancers said that they enjoyed their partnership with the band at games, whether dancing to drum cadences or on the field.

“They even dance with us in the band,” Harrison said.

“They know all of our dances that we do, even in the first couple of games they were up there dancing with us,” Griggs said. “If it wasn’t for the band, we wouldn’t get to do what we do so we’re very thankful for them.”

Harrison said that one of her favorite moments this season was seeing her brother, King Harrison, score a touchdown.

“It was awesome just to see him so excited, celebrating with his team,” Harrison said.

The Bootleggers were thrilled with the turnout at Saturday’s state championship game and said the Marlow crowd at University of Central Oklahoma exceeded their expectations.

“I don’t think we’ve ever performed in front of a crowd that big,” Harrison said. “I’ll never forget it.”

Griggs said that she felt as though the entire Marlow community was part of the team on Saturday night.

“I think our community is so close and supportive of everything that our schools do that it’s kind of like they’re a part of it with us and they cheer on the boys.”

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