Holland Primed for Superintendent Position

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Pending a vote of the Marlow Public Schools Board of Directors on Monday, Corey Holland will likely be named the next Superintendent of Marlow schools according to current superintendent George Coffman.

Holland, a 1988 graduate of Marlow High School, taught at MPS from 1994 – 2008 and served in the Oklahoma Legislature from 2008-2012.

“Marlow is a great school system,” Holland said. I’m keenly aware of the community’s high expectations for the students, teachers, and administrators.”

Retiring Superintendent Coffman said that Holland was a solid choice for the position.

“He has a great foundation in Marlow,” Coffman said. “I feel like this is a good fit for Marlow Public Schools going forward.”

Although Holland has been the Assistant Superintendent of Cache Public Schools since 2016, the Marlow native has lived in Marlow since 2017.

“I’m going to cut my commute down from 48 miles to 1.2 miles per day,” Holland joked.

Holland also said that he is eager to perpetuate the Outlaw legacy in his new position.

“When I think of Outlaw culture, I think of a culture of excellence and community support,” Holland said. “Being an Outlaw means that there’s an expectation of excellence and a partnership with the community that is second to none.”

Holland said that he will begin spending one day per week at Marlow Public Schools in April and will also spend time training his replacement at Cache.

“I want to leave my current position in a good place for someone to take over,” Holland said.

Holland also said that during the transition, the community should continue to support schools and faculty, as well as share any concerns with him and Coffman.

“We’re going to have lots of conversations with faculty and the community,” Holland said. “It may require some tough conversations about what things will be like going forward. We may not be able to make everyone happy, but we’re all on the same team.”

Holland expressed his gratitude for his prior experience at Marlow public schools and his history in the community.

“I’m very fortunate to have two loving parents and a family work ethic that they taught me,” Holland said. “We all want to make our parents proud and I know that will be passed on to students in my care.”

If approved by the Marlow school board on Monday, Holland will officially assume Superintendent duties on July 1.

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