Some Marlow Voters Affected by New Precinct Boundaries

May 10, 2022

Some voters in Stephens County will have a new polling place as a result of recent changes to precinct boundaries, Angela Dunagan, Stephens County Election Board Secretary announced this week.

Dunagan said the changes were necessary because of changes to State House and Senate district boundaries which occur every 10 years after the census. Dunagan gave an example of one precinct that was split into four different sections after the new district lines were drawn. Some sections were absorbed into a nearby precinct while others were made into a new precinct. Some other changes were necessary to reduce the number of voters in some of the larger precincts to help reduce the voter lines in the large elections, and to accommodate growth over the next 10 years. A third precinct was added to the Marlow area for these reasons.

Dunagan said new Voter Identification cards, along with polling place information, have been mailed to all voters affected by the new precinct lines. Voters can also use the OK Voter Portal to find their polling place information. Polling place changes will become effective immediately.

All precinct numbers and polling place locations in the county since the adoption of the new precinct boundary lines are listed below. Voters are assigned to precincts according to their residence address, not in relation to how close the residence is to a particular polling place.

690001 The Christian Center 720 E Plato Rd, Duncan

690003 First United Methodist Church 2300 N Country Club Rd, Duncan

690004 All Saints Episcopal Church 809 W Cedar Avenue, Duncan

690006 Stephens County Fairgrounds 2002 S 13th St, Duncan

690008 Eastside Church of Christ 202 N A Street, Duncan

690012 Calvary Baptist Church 1115 W Elm Avenue, Duncan

690013 Highland Park Baptist Church 1002 S 10th St, Duncan

690014 Cameron University-Duncan 3100 W Bois D’Arc Avenue, Duncan

690016 Western Heights Baptist Church 2305 W Beech Avenue, Duncan

690019 Elk Avenue Church of Christ 2113 W Elk Avenue, Duncan

690020 Heritage Oaks Church of the Nazarene 4501 W Beech Avenue, Duncan

690031 Eastside Baptist Church 605 E Main Street, Marlow

690032 Cumberland Presbyterian Church 202 N 6th Street, Marlow

690033 Garland Smith Public Library 702 W Main Street, Marlow

690041 Patterson Avenue Baptist Church 208 Patterson Avenue, Comanche

690050 Tanglewood Bible Fellowship 415 W Camelback Rd, Duncan

690051 Central High Community Center 166141 7 Mile Rd, Marlow

690052 Tanglewood Bible Fellowship 415 W Camelback Rd, Duncan

690054 Bray Community Center 1014 S Brooks Rd, Marlow

690055 Doyle Volunteer Fire Department 301800 State Hwy 29, Foster

690056 Velma Baptist Church 100 N Main Street, Velma

690057 Immanuel Baptist Church 207 N 2nd Street, Duncan

690058 Velma Assembly of God 420 Main Street, Velma

690059 First Baptist Church of Loco 212 3rd Street, Loco

690061 Providence Baptist Church 281864 E 1790 Rd (Refinery Rd), Comanche

690062 Corum Assembly of God Church 273950 State Hwy 53, Comanche

690063 Empire Community Center 276935 E 1760 Rd, Duncan

690099 Rivers of Life Family Church 5270 N Hwy 81, Duncan

Voters do have other options to cast their ballots. Anyone may request to vote by absentee and the ballots will be mailed ahead of each election that they are eligible for. Early voting is also available for every election at the County Election Board office. Early voting is the Thursday and Friday 8:00am-6:00pm before every election, and also Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm for a State or Federal election. Wednesday is now an additional day of early voting for the General election in November.

Voters with questions should contact the Stephens County Election Board at 580-255-8782 or The Stephens County Election Board is located at 1075 West Elm Avenue, Duncan and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.