Scholarships awarded to MHS Seniors on Class Day

June 01, 2023

Scholarships were presented to the seniors of Marlow High School Class of 2023 on Monday, May 15, 2023, for Class Day. Following is a list of the scholarships and those who received them.
Local/Area Scholarships

Duncan Regional Auxiliary Health Careers Scholarship (500) – Gehrig Furr

Penn Rabb, JR. Memorial Scholarship (1000) – Cooper Smith

Sigma Nu Scholarship (250/ea) – Korben Baker, Riley Miller, Brian Zhang

Judy Harmeyer Memorial Scholarship (1000) – Avrey Payne

Marlow Ministerial Alliance (500) – Ensly Long, Morgan Warren, Abbey Witt

Stephens County Honor Guard (1000) – Gehrig Furr

Endurance FCU Kevin Bilbrey Memorial Scholarship (1000) – Tyler Hertzler

BancFirst Scholarship (1000) – Ali Blundell

First Bank & Trust Scholarship (1000)– Marissa Krautbauer

Marlow Alumni (1000) – Brayden Bowman, Ashton Cox, Katie Ellsworth, Gehrig Furr, Kendall Kizarr,

Kennedy Kizarr, Marlow Latimer

Marla Ambrose Howell Class of 1974 Memorial Scholarship (500) – Ali Blundell & Kyah Blundell

Robby Green Class of 1973 Memorial Scholarship (500) – Easton Dittner

Friends of the Garland Smith Public Library (500) – Ashton Cox

Sandy Walker Memorial Scholarship (250)– Abbey Witt

Delta Sigma Scholarship (500) – Gehrig Furr, Kenzie Retherford

Delta Sigma Legacy Scholarships (500) – Tyler Hertzler, Parker Hayes, Easton Dittner

Gary Newberry Memorial Scholarship (1000) – Kennedy Kizarr

Smith Family Scholarship by First Baptist Church of Marlow – Marissa Krautbauer & Abbey Witt

Curtis & Etolia Burmingham Memorial Scholarship by FUMC Marlow – Tyler Hertzler

Randy Keith Talley Memorial Scholarship (500) – Sage Minyard

Marlow Band Parents Scholarships – Kenzie Retherford (100), Ean Hewitt (125), Fayth Olsen (125),

Marissa Krautbauer (125)

Stephens County OSU Alumni Association Scholarship (2500) – Gehrig Furr

Junior Class Farewell Scholarship (1000) – Brian Zhang, Karli Harrison

Cameron University – Ashton Cox (32,000) & Payton Ortega (31,500)

Graham Insurance (650) – Ean Hewitt, Kendall Kizarr, Kennedy Kizarr

Horning-Fraysher Education Major Scholarship (1500) – Whitney Wade

Lawton Firefighters Scholarship (1000) – Kendall Kizarr & Kennedy Kizarr

Wayne Hooper Memorial History Scholarship (500) - Ensly Long

Society of Petroleum Engineers of Southwest Oklahoma Scholarship (1000) - Gehrig Furr, Kenzie

Retherford, Morgan Warren

Josh Hill Memorial Wrestling Scholarship (1500) – Gehrig Furr

Clint Loyd Memorial Wrestling Scholarship (300) – Brayden Bowman

Marlow High School Class of 1974 (500)– Ensly Long & Cooper Smith

Reat Underwood & Dr. William L. Corporon, M.D. Memorial Scholarship (500) – Abbey Witt

Oklahoma Coaches Association Region 5 Male Athlete of the Year (500) – Avrey Payne

McCasland Foundation Scholarship (16000)– Gehrig Furr

Drama Rising Star Award (1500) – McKenna Travis

O’Neal Oil and Gas Scholarship (90,000) – Lane Jones

Marlow Lion’s Club Scholarships (250/ea)– Gehrig Furr & Marlow Latimer

Academic, Athletic, & University Scholarships

Oklahoma’s Promise – 7 recipients ($40,000 for all 4 years) - $280,000 – Katie Ellsworth, Kylie Fisher,

Ean Hewitt, Karsynn Kelly, Braeden Rider, Whitney Wade, Ayden Williams

University of Central Oklahoma Freshman Distinction Scholarship ($4000 each) – Kennedy Kizarr, Cole Pettit, Ensly Long

University of Central Oklahoma Freshman Achievement Scholarship ($8000 each) – Haley McKinley & Abbey Witt

State University of New York Oswego Academic Scholarship ($32,000) – Amara Conklin

University of Oklahoma Academic Scholarship ($10,000) – Easton Dittner

Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering ($10,000) – Easton Dittner

Mewbourne Oil Company Scholarship ($24,000) – Easton Dittner

University of Oklahoma Sower Award ($2000) – Kylie Fisher

University of Oklahoma Freshman Academic Scholarship ($1000) – Kylie Fisher

University of Oklahoma Sower Award ($2000 each) – Tyler Hertzler, Braeden Rider, Ean Hewitt

University of Oklahoma Crimson Commitment Scholarship ($8400) – Ean Hewitt

University of Oklahoma O-K-U Award ($4000) – Karsynn Kelly

University of Oklahoma Valedictorian & High GPA Scholarship ($14,000) – Marissa Krautbauer

University of Oklahoma College of Meteorology ($4000) – Marissa Krautbauer

University of Oklahoma Freshman Academic Scholarship ($1000) – Marissa Krautbauer

Choctaw Nation Academic Scholarship ($10,000) – Marissa Krautbauer

University of Oklahoma Valedictorian Scholarship ($14,000) – Marlow Latimer

University of Oklahoma President’s Community Scholars Scholarship ($1500) – Marlow Latimer

Southwest Christian University Academic Scholarship ($14,400) – Whitney Wade

Southwest Christian University Basketball Scholarship ($42,000) – Whitney Wade

Oklahoma Christian University Dean’s Scholarship ($64,000) – Katie Ellsworth

Oklahoma Christian University Ike’s Promise Scholarship ($11,200) – Katie Ellsworth

Harding University Academic Scholarship ($28,000) and Leadership Scholarship ($4,000) – Cole Pettit

Murray State College Lynn Colbert Memorial Scholarship, and an Ambassador’s Leadership Council ($12,000 each) – Makayla Fitzhugh

Oklahoma Baptist University Founders Academic Scholarship ($60,000) and OBU Bison Bound Scholarship ($4,000) – Morgan Warren

Oklahoma Baptist University Odalee Linsey & Chase Allen Scholarship ($5000), OBU Founders Academic Scholarship ($60,000), OBU Mathena Family Endowment ($3,000) – Abbey Witt

Rose State College Softball Scholarship (Tuition and books) – Erin Doughty

Rose State College Student Success Scholarship ($4000) – Kendall Kizarr

Cowley County Community College Track Scholarship (Tuition and books) – Kendall Kizarr

Northern Oklahoma College Baseball Scholarship (Tuition and books) – Cooper Smith

Fort Scott Community College Rodeo Scholarship (Tuition and books) – Korben Baker

William Jewell College Swimming Scholarship – Gage DaVoult

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Cheer Scholarship – Kyah Blundell

Oklahoma State University Academic Excellence ($1000 each) – Brayden Bowman, Brian Zhang

Oklahoma State University Academic Excellence & Supplemental Scholarship ($2000) – Katy Diedrich

Oklahoma State University Joseph Fleming Memorial Scholarship ($1000) – Katy Diedrich

Eastern Oklahoma College Livestock Judging Team Scholarship ($2000 for 2 years) – Katy Diedrich

Oklahoma State University Kenneth & Hoie Howell Scholarship, and OSU Academic Excellence & Supplemental Scholarship ($3000 each) – Gehrig Furr

Oklahoma State University Lewis B. & Betty Ketchum Family Scholarship ($1500) – Gehrig Furr

Oklahoma Hall of Fame Scholarship ($1000) – Gehrig Furr

Northeastern State University Football Scholarship ($28,000) – Avrey Payne

Northeastern State University Green & White Academic Scholarship ($22,400) – Avrey Payne