2024 is the 29th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing

April 18, 2024

Where were you when you heard about the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? You can answer this on the OICA Facebook page:


"You have lost too much, but you have not lost everything. And you have certainly not lost America, for we will stand with you for as many tomorrows as it takes. … If anybody thinks that Americans are mostly mean and selfish, they ought to come to Oklahoma. If anybody thinks Americans have lost the capacity for love and caring and courage, they ought to come to Oklahoma." - President Bill Clinton at a memorial service days after the Oklahoma City bombing.

These images and the quote were part of the weekly column package that Joe Dorman sends out in his newsletter for Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.

We do not normally share things from newsletters, but we are for those who are unfamiliar with OICA and its mission. Dorman is originally from Rush Springs and many area readers are probably familiar with him. OICA's Thursday general newsletter is for child advocate organizations and individuals statewide. We applaud their mission of child advocacy. They work to provide a better future for Oklahoma's Children.

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