Pometa Graft Hale (February 10, 1939 - April 28, 2024) Walters, OK

May 01, 2024
Pometa Graft Hale (February 10, 1939 - April 28, 2024) Walters, OK Pometa Graft Hale (February 10, 1939 - April 28, 2024) Walters, OK

Pometa Graft Hale, daughter of Paul and Ethel Graft, was born on February 10, 1939, at the family home in rural Dewey County. She died April 28, 2024, at her home in Walters, Oklahoma, with her family by her side.

Pometa grew up near her extended family and maintained close relationships with her cousins throughout her entire life. She was especially close with older brother R.B. Graft and younger brother Charles Bryan (C.B.) Graft. Growing up on the family farm in rural Oklahoma required an enduring spirit for adventure and creativity to stay entertained. Both of which Pometa and her brothers embraced masterfully.

All three siblings spent numerous hours exploring every acre of the family's farm, leaving no creek bed, hiding spot, or hidden "treasure" undiscovered. They also took pride in creating their own toys out of the wooden blocks and bottle caps they found along the way, which provided the necessary "tools" to aid them in their adventures. Pometa was especially creative and convincing in the eyes of her younger brother C.B. as she was able to convince him to perform just about any feat imaginable. One of which involved C.B. being assured that with the right circumstances and enough speed, he could fly. Despite the occasional trip to the doctor and embarrassment on the part of C.B., the whole family always found these feats entertaining even though they usually ran contrary to the advice from her elder brother R.B.

Pometa started and attended school in Putnam until the district consolidated and graduated from Custer City High School in 1957. While there, she discovered her love for reading and learning that she would carry with her throughout life and attempt to impart on her own kids and grandkids. She also received numerous "Perfect Attendance" awards and was a talented baton twirler.

Following graduation, Pometa attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma where she met and married Archie Hale in April 1958. The two welcomed their first child, Cindy, while there in 1959 before moving to Buffalo, Oklahoma.

In Buffalo, Pometa and Archie had several business ventures that included farming, running cattle, the local cafe, a dime store, and a clothing store. However, most notable was operating the funeral and ambulance services in Buffalo and Ashland, Kansas. Pometa would later admit light-heartedly that this "might have been a conflict," but the experience did make for some entertaining, as well as touching stories the family often reflected on in later years. Bill, Ben, and Anne D would all be born in Buffalo and Michael Myatt joined the family before they moved to Hinton, Oklahoma in 1977.

During the family's time at Hinton, both Pometa and Archie returned to school at Southwestern. Archie went back to obtain his master's degree and Pometa finished what she started, graduating with a degree in Sociology in 1979. Following her graduation, she began a career in public service that would span more than 25 years helping families and troubled youth while also continuing to raise her own family. This began in Anadarko, Oklahoma where Pometa worked at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services for almost a decade.

In 1986, the family moved to a ranch outside of Bray, Oklahoma. Here, Pometa continued her commitment of service to the youth of Oklahoma by contracting with Juvenile Services to provide residential therapeutic services for delinquent adolescents. She and Archie worked to help hundreds of boys overcome the issues of their past and were blessed with the Bray school and community that supported them in that endeavor.

The ranch outside of Bray would also become a pivotal point in Pometa's life. In addition to being a refuge for troubled youth and the Hale family home, that ranch house would become better known as "Nana and Pop's House." With the birth of her grandsons, Chisholm, and Peyton, Pometa found a new love and passion as "Nana" to her grandkids. Archie and Pometa eventually transitioned to being full-time grandparents, spending many hours babysitting, attending ball games, school programs, graduations, and eventually the births of their great-grandkids. As the number of grandchildren grew and their health declined, Pometa and Archie decided it would be best to move Walters, Oklahoma to be closer and continue doing what they love in supporting them.

With a new home comes new memories and the home in Walters became "Nana and Pop's House" to the great grandkids. Pometa treasured the time spent there with them and often reflected on how they reminded her of their own parents and grandparents when they were kids. Especially some of their more mischievous behavior, which she assured them came from Archie but would occasionally concede that it reminded her of something her and her brother C.B. may have been the culprits of. Her time in Walters also brought Debbie (Smith) Herron into the family whom she loved and enjoyed spending time with.

During her final months, Pometa did not let her inability to travel limit her displays of love and affection for her family. She cherished the time spent watching movies and telling stories during their visits, especially reminiscing on old times through her genealogy scrapbook put together by her beloved niece Paula. Despite the challenges she faced in her final months, Pometa never missed an opportunity to be supportive or express her love and appreciation for her family.

Survivors include her children and their families: Cindy (Hale) Nunley - Nicole (Nunley) and Cale James - Case, Baker, and Grady, and Josh Nunley; Bill and Audra Hale - Chisholm and Jayla Hale - Bentlee and Asher; Ben and Aimee Hale - Peyton and Ashley Hale - Levi, Colt, and Blakeley, Luke Hale, Seth Hale, Jake Hale, and Abi Grace Hale; Anne D (Hale) and Miles Dabovich - Dawson and Stockton; Debbie (Smith) and Tracey Herron and family; Michael Myatt and family; sister-in-law Tricia Graft; and sister-in-law Jean (Dykes-Graft) and Glenn Britton.

The family would like to give a heartfelt thank you to CompleteOK Hospice in Lawton as well as Danni Mendoza and Marina Padron. We will be eternally grateful for the care that was given to mom during her illness.

There will be visitation with family present from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 11, at Whitt Funeral Home in Duncan. A private family burial will take place on Sunday, May 12. In lieu of flowers, the family would request that donations be made to CompleteOK Hospice in Archie and Pometa Hale's name.

Online condolences may be made at www.whittfh.com.

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