“Reading for Bucks” Program at Public Library

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Area kids will have the opportunity to win a $100 savings bond from Warm Hearts Therapy Animals in the new “Reading for Bucks” program at Garland Smith Public Library.

The program begins September 7 and continues until November 30. Participants up to 16 years old can read to a “Reader Dog” at the library on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm until 5pm; the student in each age group who reads the most books or news articles will win the prize.

In the event of a tie, an essay contest will be announced on November 30.

Age groups are: 7 years and under; 8 – 11 years; and 12 – 16 years old.

Each week will have a theme and readers may choose their own age-appropriate material to read to the dogs.

Weekly themes include:

Week 1: Farm Animals

Week 2: Seasons

Week 3: States

Week 4: Airplanes

Week 5: Zoo Animals

Week 6: Presidents

Week 7: Famous Sports Figures

Week 8: Countries (any country other than the United States)

Week 9: Space

Week 10: Birds

Week 11: Water

Week 12: Racing

Week 13: Art or Artists

Winners will be awarded by Christmas break.

CAPTION: Shadow, Chewbacca, Venus, Piper, and Isabella, all therapy dogs from Warm Hearts Therapy Animals, will be “Reader Dogs” at Garland Smith Public Library on Tuesdays from 3pm – 5pm this fall. Area kids and teens are encouraged to visit the library and read to the dogs.

Photo by Miranda Hance/The Marlow Review