Phone Threats Lead to Arrest, Charges

by Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard

Marlow resident Dustin Jarrod McCaskill, 40, was arrested on Friday, August 5 and charged on August 9 with three misdemeanor accounts of Placing Electronic Communication with Intent to Cause Fear of Physical Harm or Death, as well as one felony count of Assault and Battery of a Police Officer.

According to court documents, on August 1 Marlow Police were informed by Marlow dispatch that there had been calls to the police department’s non-emergency line from an individual who identified himself multiple times using McCaskill’s name.

The affidavit states that the first call, in which the caller identified himself twice as McCaskill, stated that “he wanted [dispatcher] to relay to the police department that ‘I am watching them.’”

The affidavit indicates that dispatch received another call a short time later, in which the caller again identified himself as McCaskill and stated that he wanted dispatch to tell Chief Leroy Walker to “[Expletive deleted] around and find out.”

In the third call, according to the document, the individual allegedly stated “I’m coming for your chief, understand me I’m coming for him…We are going to be best friends.”

Court documents indicate that the phone number the individual was calling from had been used by McCaskill in the past for medical calls.

The affidavit also states that other members of the Marlow Police Department listened to the phone recordings and recognized the voice as McCaskill’s.

A warrant was issued for McCaskill on the three misdemeanor counts.

On Monday, an additional felony count of Assault and Battery of a Police Officer was added after McCaskill allegedly struck a Stephens County Sheriff’s Office deputy by slamming the deputy’s hand in a door on or about August 5.

Other documents obtained from Stephens County District Court indicate that two Marlow residents currently have Protective Orders against McCaskill for alleged stalking.

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