UNcommon Sense: That’s All Folks

by Corey Holland

Early Saturday morning cartoons were a staple of my existence as a young boy. Laying on the floor eating a bowl of cereal and watching Justice League, Scooby Doo, and Looney Tunes was about as good as it could get. I eventually got older and moved on to other things.

Apparently, Porky Pig’s words “That’s all folks” was truer than I ever was aware of at the time. All things eventually do come to an end. This is why celebrating life’s milestones is so important.

On May 19th the 2022-23 School Year for Marlow officially closed as we celebrated the Class of 2023. These students high school careers will be ending but the memories they have made will be appreciated for years to come. In some ways, I am sure these students are glad to finally have reached the end of their high school career. These last four years have been unique to say the least. The Class of 2023 endured social distancing, online courses, event/activity cancelations, and ultimately the COVID-19 shutdown which ended school early in the spring of 2020.

Following this, they had to readjust and work very hard to catch up for instruction and practices lost from the previous year. Most recently, these seniors had to adjust yet again as they lost classrooms and practice space once the High School Auditorium was demolished to make room

for the new Performing Arts Center. This entire school year has consisted of longer walks between classes and constant interruptions due to construction. To the student’s credit, they have endured and made the best out of the situation.

I recently attended the Class Day assembly. One of my favorite parts was towards the end as each Senior was called out by name. As the student stood to be recognized, High School Counselor Amy Herchock read what the student had written was their future plans. While this assembly represented an ending to something, what was being shared at this point, was the hope and promise of a new beginning. Many students ultimately shared their intent to go to college while others shared their plans to immediately join the work force. There were several whose next phase was joining one of the Armed Service Branches. As I listened to each student’s future plans, it was a reminder of what we have the privilege to be a part of here at Marlow Public Schools; Building Better Futures.

The temptation after a long school year is to think “That’s All Folks” as the ceremony ends. In reality, rather than focus on an ending, we should recognize this as the start of an exciting new beginning for these students. Good luck Class of 2023. We know you have a very bright future

ahead of you. We look forward to celebrating all your future successes.